Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

The Prior learning assessment & recognition (PLAR) program is designed to grant credit towards supervised experiential learning hours and/or projects based on the qualified applicant’s knowledge and learning, as demonstrated through prior paid work or volunteer experiences.  In order to receive credit towards supervised experiential learning hours and/or projects, students may submit a portfolio documenting how their prior work/volunteer experience helped them meet the competencies required for an entry-level dietetics practitioner as outlined by ACEND.  A PLAR application form-Example provides you with suggested level of detail when completing the application form. The portfolio must contain:

  • A completed PLAR application form.
  • Samples of projects, reports, presentations, and professional practice that demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the area of dietetics for which PLAR credit is requested.
  • Evidence that shows/demonstrates advanced knowledge and skill, not just work history.
  • If applicable, any PLAR credit awarded must be documented on the student’s hour’s log in the specific supervised experiential learning course.