Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Students are eligible for applicable financial aid and/or loan deferment. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for Federal Direct Stafford Loans. For more information, see the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid website.


MPP students are eligible for department scholarships (general scholarship – Helen Reilly Cahill Scholarship; international travel to Ghana – Pearson). Additionally, students may be eligible to apply to the College of Human Sciences Scholarships.


MPP students are not paid a stipend, but you may be eligible for financial aid and/or loan deferment. For more information, see the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Program Related Costs

In addition to the tuition, there are a number of fees for items such as the application, transcripts, student memberships, background checks, etc. that are all included in the program related expenses below. You can also download a copy of the detailed table of program related expenses.

Application Costs 




Application fee 

ISU-MPP application fee 


Transcript fees 

Submission of one original transcript to the ISU-MPP Program. (Transcript submission fee varies per university) 


Program Costs 

Graduate College application fee 

Application fee to the ISU Graduate College  


Transcript fee 

Submission of one official transcript to the ISU Graduate College.

(Transcript submission fee varies per university) 


ISU Graduate Tuition and Fees 

$ 1719.14

Summer Semester Tuition $ 5081.5 (8 credits)

Tuition for 8 credits**: 8 x $605 = $4840 

#Technology fees: $91.50 

Summer fees: $150 


Fall Semester Tuition $ 6054.95 (11 credits) 

Tuition for 11 credits*: 9 x $605 = $5439 

#Technology fees: $122 

Activity fee: $365.95 

Health fee: $120 

Health facility fee: $8 


Spring Semester Tuition $6054.95 (11 credits) 

Tuition for 11 credits*: 9 x $605 = $5439 

#Technology fees: $122 

Activity fee: $365.95 

Health fee: $120 

Health facility fee: $8 


Health and Facility Requirements 

Required background check (Fees subject to change without notice and possible additional charges such as court fees for the search. You will see all charges before confirming) 


Medical examination and immunizations (cost varies based on insurance type and coverage) 


BCLS certification 


Bloodborne Pathogen Training 


ServSafe®/Food Handler certification (cost varies based on state requirements) 


Medical/Health Insurance (cost varies based on coverage; approximate cost provided for individual insurance purchased through the Iowa State University student scholar program for 2020-21) 


Other facility requirements (drug screening, verification of intern identity, etc.) 


Facility fee (This is not a typical charge. Check with the site you are interested in completing your supervised experiential learning. Some facilities may charge the student a ‘facility fee’ for completing supervised practice at that facility. The student is responsible for this fee in addition to the ISU-MPP tuition and fees) 


Supportive Material 

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership (includes access to online evidence-based analysis library and ANDHII) 


eNCPT student subscription 


Student subscription to the online Nutrition Care Manual (For the student discount code, please call the Academy at 1-800-877-1600) 


Intercultural Development Inventory Profile 


Annual auto insurance (rates may vary based on minimum state coverage requirement, driving history, coverage purchased, etc.) 


Travel to and from supervised practice sites (approximate daily expenses provided for traveling 30-50 miles round trip using federal mileage reimbursement rate; expenses may vary considerably if traveling by transit system or if traveling longer distances by car) 


Living expenses during the internship (car, housing, food, clothing) 

Cost of living can be estimated using these cost of living calculators such as 


Computer (you are NOT required to purchase a new computer for the program; cost estimate provided in case you need to upgrade your technology) 


Lab coat 




CDR exam fee 


Resources Provided by the Program 

Liability insurance 

HIPAA training 

Subscription to the online EatrightPREP software for RD Exam preparation (15month access) 

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Fees for nine or more credits are estimated using nine credits only. Nine credits during the spring and fall semester are considered full-time status.

**During summer, five credits are considered a full-time graduate load.

#Technology fee is charged to all Iowa State students regardless of on- or off-campus designation. This fee is used to support the computer infrastructure within the university.

Tuition and Fees

See the Iowa State tuition website for current tuition and fees or visit the Office of the Registrar: Distance Education. Additional costs may be incurred; see breakdown of possible materials and expenses below.  This is not a comprehensive list.