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ISU Preceptor Orientation

To help you prepare for your precepting experience, we provide you with a free online ISU preceptor orientation. This orientation provides an overview of our program including various supervised experiential learning courses,  suggested assignments, and precepting tips. You are welcome to share this training opportunity with other preceptors at your facility,  which includes a few short videos to watch. Additionally, ACEND requires that preceptors receive training “on strategies to recognize and monitor biases in self and others and reduce instances of microaggressions and discrimination” (standard 5.3c). Consequently, we have provided you with resources below on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access. 

Preceptor training videos:

  • Becoming a successful preceptor
  • Community Nutrition Supervised Experiential Learning
  • Competency Based Education and ACEND Competencies 

ISU Precepting (up to 3 free CPEUs)

By serving as a preceptor you are eligible for up to 3 CPEUs per year in the Leadership category (15 CPEUs per 5-year cycle). To receive credit for precepting ISU students, you must use this link to receive a signed form for your records:

                                                  ISU Precepting CPEU Form

Additional Training From ISU (1 free CPEU each)

Available Training From Other Sources

To document bias, microaggression, or other inclusion, diversity, equity and access related trainings without a certificate of completion, please use this CPEU documentation form.

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