Thank you for your willingness to serve as a preceptor to the ISU dietetic interns. This page offers key information about your role during the application process, your role during the internship, and your free online orientation to ISU precepting. As a preceptor for an Iowa State dietetic intern, you are also eligible to receive other free online continuing education. 

Your involvement during the application process is critical to the applicant's success in being selected for our internship, and we count on you to provide supervised practice once the applicant has been accepted as an intern.

Preceptor role during the intern's application process

Review the Prospective Preceptor Letter (PDF) and the Becoming a Successful Preceptor video to learn more about the role of preceptors in the ISU Dietetic Internship.

Individuals who apply for the nationwide or nationwide plus international location with the ISU DI must identify their preceptors prior to submitting their applications. There is not enough time between the match/acceptance date and the program start date for interns to secure facilities and preceptors after the application deadline.

  • Internship experiences are planned according to a 6-month rotation schedule. 
    • View these sample schedules for examples of specific dates, recommended duration, and timeline.
  • We require evidence from the applicant that you are willing to serve as a preceptor and what specific dates work for you.
    • Please provide each applicant with a commitment letter (any format - see sample) confirming your willingness to serve as their preceptor. If needed, you may include a statement that this commitment is conditional upon specific requirements of the facility being met. The applicant is responsible for including a copy of your letter in their application materials.
  • An applicant's rotation schedule must show where the intern will accomplish all required supervised practice experiences and who will be providing those experiences.
  • All internship appointments are tentative until an Affiliation Agreement is completed and signed by both the facility and the college after the applicant has been selected to the internship.

Preceptor role during the internship

New interns to the ISU DI will contact you shortly after Match Day to let you know that they have matched to the ISU DI and to confirm the dates for their rotations with you. You can review the ISU Preceptor Training for an overview of our program. We have also provided some examples of what to cover on the first day of orientation with an intern: Intern Orientation Checklist


For accreditation purposes, we are required to keep the following information on file:

  • Facility information: Your intern must include facility information as part of their application to the DI.  If we require additional information, we will request it after Match Day.
  • Preceptor resumé or CV: If your intern is matched to our program, we will contact you for your resumé or CV if we do not already have one on file.
  • Affiliation agreement: Before the intern can start their rotation at your facility, we must have an affiliation agreement in place.  We will contact your facility after Match Day to begin this process if we do not currently have an active agreement. 


Our ISU DI faculty is responsible for developing the curriculum to ensure each intern meets the 2017 ACEND®  competencies (doc). However, the required projects and assignments can be individualized to best meet the needs of your intern and your facility.  We encourage interns to facilitate a discussion with you about projects occurring in your facility that may meet ACEND® competencies.

A list of the 2017 ACEND®competencies and examples of assignments in each rotation that may be used to meet the ACEND® competencies can be found in the Dietetic Internship Rotation Guide for Preceptors.

Supervised practice evaluation

During the supervised practice, preceptors are asked to complete formal and informal evaluations of the intern’s progress.  Formal evaluations are completed online and the intern will provide you with the link to that form. Informal evaluations/feedback on the intern's progress may be provided to the intern's instructor via email or phone.