Program information

  • The Iowa State University Dietetic Internship (ISU DI) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®)
  • We are an accelerated 6-month, distance, graduate certificate internship program, accepting up to 80 interns per class twice a year.
  • We are a Champion Site for the Sustainable, Resilient, and Healthy Food and Water Systems (SFS) Curriculum.
  • Apply to the fall DICAS match for our January class (runs January-June) or the spring DICAS match for our June class (runs June-November).
  • Set up your supervised practice anywhere in the US - where you are already established or where you would ultimately like to work. 
  • Every class starts with a one-week, required Professional Skills Workshop in Ames, Iowa.
  • Apply for an optional international rotation in Ghana or France.

By the numbers

95% or more interns successfully complete the program requirements within 9.1 months (150% of program length)

90% of program graduates take and pass the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of their first attempt.

99% of responding graduates are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of graduation.


Find details about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information on Iowa State’s Gainful Employment Disclosures web page at

award winningChampion site

As a champion site, we were one of the first dietetics education programs to implement activities of the SFS curriculum within our program. In this capacity, we work closely with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation to evaluate the curriculum and inform the development of new educational opportunities for students in the area of sustainable food systems.

Educational philosophy

Accelerated, innovative, and interactive learning.

We designed the ISU dietetic internship as a fast-paced engaging experience to prepare you to be a competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionist. You will leave our internship confident and fully prepared to pass the registration exam for dietitians and thrive in your chosen dietetic career.

We believe that the best registered dietitian nutritionists exhibit strong leadership, communication, and collaborative problem-solving skills. Our interns engage in a hands-on interactive learning experience and receive feedback through supervised practice evaluations, online simulations, and team-based learning activities. Our unique blend of online teaching and independent study focuses on taking a client-centered approach, developing a passion for dietetics, and investing in lifelong learning.

We recognize the importance of being able to learn where you live and improve the health of your own community, so our program is almost fully online, utilizing technology to maintain personal connections with instructors and colleagues while providing the flexibility to work with preceptors anywhere in the United States. We have designed our six-month program to focus on cultural competency, sustainability, technology, and global nutrition.

Program mission

The mission of the ISU DI is to enhance human health and quality of life by preparing competent entry-level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists for current and emerging roles in diverse settings.

Program goal 1:

The ISU DI will develop competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists who possess skills necessary for success in current and emerging roles in dietetics practice in diverse settings.

Outcome measures:

  • At least 90% of program interns complete program requirements within 9.1 months (150% of program length).
  • 80% of program graduates take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion.
  • The program’s one-year pass rate (graduates who pass the registration exam within one year of their first attempt) on the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists is at least 80%.
  • 75% of the responding employers of the program graduates will agree that the graduate exhibits skills related to those of competent entry-level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.
  • 75% of the responding graduates who participated in the optional international community nutrition rotation will agree that participation resulted in skills development related to cultural diversity.

Program goal 2:

The ISU DI graduates will contribute to the pool of competent registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) throughout the nation.

Outcome measures:

  • Of graduates who seek employment, 75% of the responding graduates are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of graduation.

Program outcomes data is available upon request.