Preceptor Training – CPEU

The ISU Dietetic Internship faculty and staff appreciate your willingness to serve as an Iowa State preceptor and are offering a free, one CPEU online preceptor training that is available to you!

Free ISU Preceptor Orientation Training

This training covers an overview of our program including various internship locations, rotations, schedules, and tips for being a preceptor.  You are welcome to share this training resource with other preceptors at your facility.

The training takes approximately one hour to complete. There are a few short videos to watch, a place for comments/questions throughout, and a survey and CPE certificate at the end. This program is one CPE and is offered free to all ISU preceptors.

Start here

Begin the training at the ISU Online Preceptor Orientation Training site.


Earn CPEUs for your time spent precepting for ISU.

By serving as a preceptor you are eligible for up to 3 CPEU per year in the Leadership category (15 CPEU per 5 yr cycle). You may begin logging CPEU credit for precepting hours accrued after June 1, 2017.  To receive credit for precepting ISU interns, you must complete this form to receive a signed verification statement for your records:

ISU Dietetic Internship Program Preceptor CPEU Form

Additional Free CPEU Programs from ISU

Each of the following trainings can also be completed for one CPEU. Typically there is a video to view and some questions to answer about the video, with a CPEU certificate upon completion.

More CPE options from CDR

  • Earn eight (8) free CPE units from CDR by completing the CDR Online Dietetics Preceptor Training Course. Topics include:
    • Preparing for your role as a preceptor
    • Planning for student learning
    • Facilitating student learning
    • Assessing student learning
    • Communicating effectively
    • Keeping current