Thank you for your willingness to be a preceptor with the Iowa State University Dietetics Internship!

How you help

As an internship preceptor, your involvement during the application process is critical to the intern’s success in being selected for the internship. Your assistance is needed in suggesting local facilities and other preceptors that will provide the intern with the required experiences in medical nutrition therapy (MNT), food service management (FSM), and community nutrition (COM).


Interns who apply for the nationwide or nationwide plus international Dietetics Internship location with the ISU Dietetics Internship program must identify their preceptors prior to submitting their applications.  There is not enough time between the match/acceptance date and the program start date to secure the facilities and preceptors with whom the interns will work.

Information and requirements

  • Review the Prospective Preceptor Letter (PDF) and the Preceptor video to learn more about the role of preceptors in the ISU Dietetics Internship.

  • The experiences are planned according to the rotation schedule.

  • An applicant’s rotation schedule must show where the intern will accomplish all required experiences and who will be providing those experiences.

  • For the preceptor commitment letter, write a short statement to the applicant (email is fine) stating that you are willing to precept this person and list the specific dates of their rotation with you; they will then include that statement in their application.  If needed, you may include a statement that this commitment is conditional upon specific requirements of the facility being met.
  • AFTER MATCH:  One online Facility Form must be completed for each facility represented.  If the facility form has been completed for a previous ISU intern you do not need to complete the form again.

  • AFTER MATCH:  The online Preceptor Form must be completed by each preceptor providing experiences for the intern.  As part of the selection process, potential preceptors may be contacted by the internship director to further clarify information contained in the application. If you have been a preceptor for ISU interns in the past or have filled them out for a different applicant, you do not need to complete the form again.

Appointments are tentative

All internship appointments are tentative until an ISU Dietetic Internship Affiliation Agreement (doc) is completed and signed by the facility and the college after the intern applicant is selected to the internship.

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