Domestic Sustainability Rotation

We offer a unique career and life-enhancing experience in collaboration with School to Farm, a program of the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

School to Farm at Prairie Horizons Farm LLC

Interns will live, learn and work in residence at Prairie Horizons Farm near Starbuck, MN. Prairie Horizons Farm sits in the rolling hills and prairie grasslands of the glacial moraine near Glacial Lakes State Park. Interns will work in the organic orchard, vegetable and herb gardens, and interact with the herd of Lowline Angus cattle that graze restored and native prairie. During the three-week rotation from June 15 - July 3, interns will cultivate a connection to the land, develop farm-to-table cooking skills, participate in the local food system, enjoy fireside chats and eat from the seasonal abundance with preceptors Mary Jo Forbord, RDN and host farmer and Lindsay Ganong, RDN and sustainable food systems dietitian.

RDNs have a responsibility to support a more sustainable, resilient and healthy food system. At Prairie Horizons Farm, interns will see, feel, hear, touch and taste the food system to explore and discern:

  1. How agricultural practices affect biodiversity
  2. How food and farming systems can adapt to climate change
  3. What constitutes a sustainable and resilient food system
  4. Potential roles for RDNs in achieving more sustainable, resilient and healthy food and water systems
  5. Tools and resources to support RDNs working in food systems

RDNs-to-be will have the opportunity to experience, discuss, and reflect on:

  1. Personal connections to food and water systems
  2. The history and relationships between the food and watershed, land and people
  3. Approaches for equitable and just food systems
  4. Principles of agroecology, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and Indigenous foodways
  5. Food and farm policy
  6. Local, regional and global distribution systems

Internship Credit: Iowa State Distance Internship provides a checklist of ACEND competencies for management or community rotations. When interns arrive on the farm, preceptors, ISU Instructors, and interns will decide together which competencies will be met during the rotation.

Costs: A small room and board fee will be required for this rotation.

Submit an Essay

You must complete and submit all requirements for either the Iowa-based and/or nationwide location(s) plus an essay for this opportunity following the essay requirements. Upload your essay as part of the DI online application. Include your name in the essay heading and/or filename.