Preceptor role during the internship

Thank you for your willingness to be a preceptor with the Iowa State University Dietetic Internship!  You and your staff will help provide the approved pre-professional, supervised practice experiences needed by the interns to become Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics registration eligible.

New interns will contact you shortly after Match Day to let you know that they have matched to the ISU DI and to confirm the dates for their rotations with you.  You can review the ISU Preceptor Training for an overview of our program. 

Required documents

For accreditation purposes, our program requires information about the facilities and preceptors be kept on file.

    • Facility information: this is collected with each applicant's schedule.  If we require additional information, it is requested after Match Day.

    • Preceptor information: each preceptor providing experiences for the intern must complete our online Preceptor Commitment Form and the applicant must include a copy of this form with their application.  Note: this form is required for each applicant.

    • Preceptor resume or CV: one for each preceptor emailed to our program.  If you do not have a resume, a bio and list of your credentials will suffice.

    • Affiliation Agreement: one must be completed prior to the intern's rotation and we typically start this process after Match Day.  We prefer to use our ISU Dietetic Internship Affiliation Agreement (Word) but if your facility requires its own template, that can be emailed to our program.


Iowa State University Dietetic Internship faculty members are responsible for developing curriculum to ensure intern’s meet the 2017 ACEND® competencies (doc). Projects and assignments can be individualized per facility.  We encourage the intern to facilitate a discussion of projects occurring in the facility that may also meet ACEND® competencies.

Listed below are the specific assignments, assessments, discussions, and reflections to meet those competencies:

Sample Community Nutrition Assignments (PDF)

Sample MNT Assignments (PDF)

Sample MGMT Assignments (PDF)

Professional Practice Evaluation

During the supervised practice, preceptors are asked to complete formal and informal evaluations of the intern’s progress.  This is done via an online evaluation form and the intern will provide the link to that form.