PAL Application

To apply for the Prior Assessed Learning (PAL) program you must:

  • Request an assessment of prior learning.

  • Complete a portfolio, including a resume. Do not submit this until after you have matched to the ISU DI.

Request assessment of prior learning

Complete the application form using the directions for describing your previous experience below.

Submit the completed form by uploading this file with Step #1 - DI Online Application.

PAL Application Form

PAL Application form (doc)

Description of previous experience

  • List the specific job, volunteer position, practicum experience, and job task individually in space provided.
  • The number corresponding with each job will be listed in column A.
  1. Column A - Job code: Use the job code number with required documentation in Columns B and C.
  2. Column B - Describe experience: This is your opportunity to describe the experiences from which your learning is derived.
  3. Column C - Describe what was learned: Use this column to document the learning that occurred, not just a list of what you did.


You may use the same examples for the competencies when appropriate; however, you may find that the information in Column C is not the same between rotations. Your discussion in Column C will include not only what you have learned (for example, I have learned to use PowerPoint) but also your deeper understanding of the knowledge. (For example, one must measure if a presentation was effective and what the audience has learned; or teamwork and strong communication skills are a priority in today's healthcare environment.)

Sample PAL_Application Form (PDF)