After You Are Matched

Welcome to the Iowa State University Dietetics Internship!

You have been selected to participate in our program based on academic achievement, your interest in the profession of dietetics, completion of the required coursework and degrees, and past work experience. The 25-week experience will be intense as you complete the requirements to establish eligibility to write the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics registration examination.

Your ability to be a self-directed and self-motivated learner is very important. Faculty members at Iowa State University and the preceptors at your experience facilities look forward to assisting you in meeting the challenges of this program and achieving your educational and career goals.

Please take the time to read each page in this section thoroughly as this information is vital to your ability to start the program and is time sensitive! It will also answer many common questions you may have about the program.


Complete the After You Are Matched Checklist (PDF) to ensure you arrive at the required Pre-MNT Workshop prepared and ready to start the internship!

Intern responsibilities

Interns are responsible for understanding details of:

  • The ISU Dietetics Internship
  • Course policies and procedures
  • Application information and deadlines
  • Requirements for successful completion

Interns must have have all required materials prior to the internship start date. They must be able to perform the technology tasks listed on the Pre-Internship Needs Assessment Checklist (PDF) and they must be fully prepared to begin the fast-paced internship on the first day.


For questions and clarifications, contact your instructor whose information was provided to you upon your acceptance.  Once you have accepted an internship with ISU, do not send emails to the diisu address.