Nationwide Location

Up to 65 applicants per session are matched as nationwide interns.

The nationwide Dietetic Internship location includes supervised practice completed at facilities the intern secures anywhere within the United States. You will identify and contact the preceptors and facilities in the area where you live or wish to work.

Your application must include a complete rotation schedule as well as new online commitment forms for every preceptor. This will assure the application reviewers that appropriate professionals have been identified and are willing to participate with you and the ISU DI program. There is not sufficient time after the match/acceptance date to adequately identify and select preceptors.

To assist with this process, you can find additional details about

Notes about specific areas

ISU DI does not discriminate against applicants from any geographic region of the USA. However, we are aware that it may be extremely difficult to successfully secure supervised practice rotations in some areas. Without practice sites or legal agreement between ISU and the facility, there is a strong likelihood that you may not complete the internship.

  • Colorado – we have found that a law in Colorado can make it difficult, perhaps impossible, to reach legal agreement with facilities there. We will still review applications for Colorado, but are aware that sometimes alternative plans must be made.
  • North Carolina - concerns here have been alleviated because both Iowa and North Carolina are now participating in the NC-SARA organization allowing distance education in each state.  This should make securing clinical agreements possible.

If an applicant has significant, relevant work or life experiences, he/she may qualify for Prior Assessed Learning (PAL).

International rotation

A community nutrition and/or foodservice management rotation in an international setting can be combined with this selection.  See the international location page for details about these opportunities.