Iowa-based or Nationwide with International Location

Up to 20 to 30 interns per session will complete 200 or fewer hours (four weeks) in an international setting. 

The international Dietetics Internship location allows interns to experience a rotation in an international location for either the Iowa-based or nationwide selection. Interns will complete MNT (medical nutrition therapy) and MGMT (management dietetics) rotations in the U.S. and up to 200 hours (four weeks) of COM (community nutrition) and/or MGMT in an international setting.

Timing and locations offered

Exact dates for these rotations will vary within the 6-month schedule. There are additional potential requirements, expenses, and health safety measures for these rotations.  Specific details are listed on the page for each location.

Currently, we offer international rotations in:

If you wish to complete a portion of your internship in an international location, apply for the Iowa-based with International and/or Nationwide with International location. Make sure this matches in all three of the required application steps.

If you're applying for a January class, you may apply for both locations but participation is limited to one or the other.

Submit international essay

Applicants must complete and submit all requirements for either the Iowa-based and/or Nationwide location(s) and the essay for the international rotation of your choice. Upload the essay as part of Step #1 - DI online application.

You may be selected for a phone interview. Refer to the Sample Questions (PDF).

ISU Study Abroad

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