Paris, France (January session only)

Up to 10 interns in the January session can participate in this 100-hour (two-week) food system and sustainability rotation replace two weeks of foodservice management and/or community rotations on the schedule.

Located in Paris and the surrounding area, you will:

  • be paired with other study abroad students from Iowa State University in the Production and Processing of Sustainable, Safe and Nutritious Food course.
  • learn about the issues surrounding the development of sustainable systems to produce food.
  • study the processing of raw commodities into food products and their subsequent sale, a multibillion-dollar industry that contributes significantly to the U.S. and world economies.
  • have many opportunities to experience French cuisine and French culture as related to food.
  • obtain different perspectives in terms of diet, food production and the major role of food in French culture.

Exact dates will be determined before the start of the internship and will be within the 25-week schedule.

Criteria for selection (requirements and expectations)

Interns must be open to other cultures and be an ACTIVE participant in the program.

Details about this location

Interns will be visiting a dairy farm, vineyard, traditional bread bakery, cheese maker and chocolate maker.  In addition, there are visits to a local farmers’ market and wine museum. There are also visits to several significant cultural sites.

Iowa State interns will be traveling in conjunction with other Iowa State study abroad students which might be a combination of Junior and Senior undergraduates as well as other graduate students.

The language of instruction is English.

Extra costs & requirements

France Fee: $4860 (includes airfare, lodging, some meals, transportation, health and emergency insurance, entrance fees and program coordination)

Out of pocket expenses: approx. $210 for meals, $200 for incidentals, $135 for a passport if you do not have one.

Iowa State Dietetic Internship Tuition & Fees*: $9002  *Some fees are increasing Fall 2018.

Total cost: Entire ISU internship (Dietetic Internship Tuition and Fees) + France travel abroad experience (France fee and out of pocket expenses = $13,862  *Some fees are increasing Fall 2018.

Tuition scholarships are available through the College of Human Sciences International Programs.

Travel itinerary

  • Day 1 Departure from Ames to Paris
  • Day 2 Arrival in Paris  -  Discovery of the city, metro system, Eiffel Tower
  • Day 3 Paris area  -  Visit of company #1 (dairy farm) - all day; evening reflection discussion with students
  • Day 4 Paris area  -  Visit of company #2 (vineyard) - all day; evening reflection discussion with students
  • Day 5 Paris area  -  Visit of company #3 (traditional bread bakery); visit of company #4 (cheese maker)  -  Evening reflection discussion with students
  • Day 6 Paris area  -  Versailles - all day
  • Day 7 Paris  -  Musee du Louvre - all day; Jardin Tulleries; evening cruise on River Seine
  • Day 8 Paris  -  Notre Dame; Saint Chapelle; Place de la Concorde; Basilique du Sacre Couer du Montemarte; Montemarte district
  • Day 9 Paris  -  free day to explore city; shopping
  • Day 10 Paris  -  Palais Garnier; Basillica St. Denis
  • Day 11 Paris  -  Visit of Company #5 (chocolate maker); Abbey St. Germeain de Pres; Evening reflection with students
  • Day 12 Paris  -  Wine Museum; farmers market
  • Day 13 Paris  -  Perfume Meseum; Arc de Triumphe; Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Day 14 (Saturday) – Return to Ames


  • Enrolled in Dietetic Internship III FS HN 556
  • Successful completion of FS HN 554 and 555 with a B or higher grade
  • Successful completion of pre-program training