Ghana, Africa

Up to 20 interns per session can participate in this 200-hour (four-week) service-learning experience replacing four weeks of community rotations on the schedule.

Located in the Accra and Asesewa regions of Ghana, Africa, you will:

  • Perform the nutrition care process in the rural under-served Ghanaian communities of the Upper Manyu Krobo district.
  • Enhance your professional skills through practicing nutritional assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Improve your cultural understanding through shared experiences with local Ghanaian dietetic interns/students.
  • Understand and demonstrate your ability to support existing heath care and community systems through nutrition-related activities.

This program is in partnership with McGill University and University of Ghana. 

Exact dates will be determined before the start of the internship and will be within the 25-week schedule.

Criteria for selection (requirements and expectations)

Interns must be able to tolerate a variety of living conditions including, but not limited to, limited access to running water and electricity, heat and humidity, physical labor of walking to rural community sites, and working with people of diverse backgrounds to create a productive team. 

There may be limited access to communication as well as a limited variety of foods in this rural setting.

Details about this location

  • The language of instruction is English.
  • ISU interns will be partnering with interns from the University of Ghana, sharing lodging with an intern of the same gender from a different culture.
  • Activities will focus on implementing the nutrition care process in the rural communities. Interventions will be based on the findings of the assessment and diagnosis of nutritional problems. Each internship class will continue to focus on the previous group’s work, strengthening the intervention while allowing for monitoring and evaluation of projects.
  • Visits to markets, local hospitals, and community organizations are planned.
  • There will be a weekend excursion to a local site of cultural interest.
  • Tours of the University of Ghana, Korle Bu Hospital as well as Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital in the capital city of Accra are included.

Extra costs & requirements

Here is a detailed list of travel requirements for traveling to Ghana, Africa.

Ghana Fee: $3150 (includes on-site transportation, University of Ghana administrative fees, support staff, group meals, housing, and mandatory international health and emergency insurance coverage through CISI)

Out of pocket expenses: Ranges from $2000 - $3000 depending on health insurance coverage (includes airfare, some ground transportation, passport, Visa, weekend lodging, some meals, incidentals, and vaccinations)

ISU Dietetic Internship Tuition & Fees: $9619

Total Cost: Entire ISU internship (Dietetic Internship Tuition and Fees) + Ghana travel abroad experience (Ghana Fee and out of pocket expenses) = $15,084 - $16,084

Tuition reimbursement scholarships are available for up to $800.  Additional international scholarships of $400 - $1000 are also available.

Travel itinerary

The intern is responsible for travel to and from Accra.

  • Once in Accra, the dietetic intern will join the internship group at the airport.
  • Week 1 will be spent in Legon at the University of Ghana in the Accra region.
  • Week 2 interns will travel to the rural Asesewa region to meet their community and partners and to visit Nutrition and Research Center.
  • Weeks 2 and 3 will have weekdays in Asesewa, traveling back to Accra for the weekends.
  • Week 4 will consist of wrapping up the intervention, monitoring, and evaluation components with group presentations at the University of Ghana on the Friday before departure.


  • Enrolled in Dietetic Internship III FS HN 556
  • Successful completion of FS HN 554 and 555 with a B or higher grade
  • Successful completion of pre-program training