Application Review Process

All qualified, complete applications will be reviewed by members of the ISU Dietetics Committee. If you miss any of the three required steps, your application cannot be reviewed.


No face-to-face or phone interviews are conducted with the exception that some applicants for international rotations may be selected for a phone interview.

What we look for in an intern

We look at overall GPA, DPD GPA, Science GPA, positive references, representation of personal qualities and skills in a personal letter, well-rounded individual, work, and volunteer experience that has provided transferable professional skills such as, but not limited to:

  • Excellent communication skills with a variety of audiences and formats (instructors, preceptors, peers, clients)
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to perform self-assessment and apply constructive feedback
  • Self-motivation and follow-through
  • Flexibility and adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Ability to manage stress effectively
  • Positive attitude and interpersonal skills
  • Computer literacy in online coursework, document sharing, Microsoft Office, and email
  • Ability to work independently

The fast pace of the internship requires that the successful intern is one who is 100 percent committed to the internship. The supervised practice and professional project schedule does not leave time for additional work or other commitments.

For nationwide applicants: The schedule you include during the application process is reviewed to determine appropriate facilities and rotations are planned to meet the guidelines. We also require commitment forms for each of your preceptors.

Sample score sheets

The following review score sheets show the relative importance of each of the application components (shown for demonstration only).

Iowa-Based Application Review Guidelines (PDF)

Nationwide Application Review Guidelines (PDF)