Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Financial aid

Iowa State University dietetics interns are considered full-time Iowa State University graduate students and are eligible for any applicable financial aid and/or loan deferment.    Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for Federal Direct Stafford Loans. For more information, see the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid.

Information regarding financial aid is located in the Financial Aid Information document (PDF).  For specific Dietetics Internship financial information after you are matched use the contact information in the right column.

Tuition and fees

All tuition and fees listed below are subject to change without notice. 

Interns are enrolled as full-time graduate students thus complete a total of 14 graduate credits.  All interns complete a Summer semester and either a Spring or Fall semester.

The applicant/intern is encouraged to contact ISU for current tuition and fees or visit the Office of the Registrar: Distance Education for tuition and fee information.

There is no stipend with the program and the intern should plan for the following expenses:


ISU tuition and fees

Tuition is charged at the same rate for both resident and non-resident interns. Course fees cover the costs related to program services including accreditation and certifications.

(This is an approximate total for 14 graduate credits.)

Spring or Fall semester tuition (9 graduate credits) - $5331

  • Approximately $4239 (calculated $471 per credit x 9 credits)
  • Course delivery fees - $1000 (calculated: $100 per credit x 9 credits + $100 college costs)
  • Computer fee - $92

Summer semester tuition (5 graduate credits) - $2997

  • Approximately $2355 (calculated $471 per credit x 5 credits)
  • Course delivery fees - $550 (calculated: $100 per credit x 5 credits + $50 college costs)
  • Computer fee - $92


  • The computer fee is charged to all Iowa State students and interns regardless of on- or off-campus designation. This fee is used to support the computer infrastructure within the university.
  • An optional activity fee (approximately $250) allows you to purchase tickets to certain Iowa State cultural and athletic events at student prices and use recreational and other services on campus.
  • The ISU graduate college application fee (approximately $50).
  • Course delivery fees include program costs and a College of Human Sciences surcharge on all distance education courses.
  • Iowa State University may increase rates at any time. See the ISU tuition website for details.
  • Fees for PAL credits are identical to that of the course fees and tuition.

Other required expenses

Application fees:

Pre/during program:

  • Costs related to providing original transcripts to ISU Graduate College and to ISU DI - variable
  • Student membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  - $50
  • Access to the Nutrition Care Manual Online, student member rate - $75
  • Cost for textbooks - variable
  • Travel costs to ISU campus - variable
  • Living expenses (car, car insurance, housing food, clothing) - variable
  • Health insurance - variable
  • Auto insurance (if applicable)
  • Immunizations, CPR/first aid/bloodborne pathogen training, drug screening, criminal/abuse background checks, verification of intern identity, or any other expense incurred to meet facility requirements - variable
  • Expenses incurred during required Pre-MNT Workshop held in Ames, Iowa including, but not limited to, travel to/from Ames, Iowa, apartment or hotel costs while in Ames, Iowa, meals and other expenses - variable
  • Professional liability insurance is provided by the ISU DI at no cost to interns

Post-Program fee:

  • CDR registration exam - $200