How to Apply for Dietetics Internship

The ISU DI online application system is open to accept applications during the same time period as DICAS. You can find details about these dates on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.

To apply for the ISU Dietetics Internship, follow the steps below. For detailed information refer to the Application Checklist (PDF). If you are not applying for the international or nationwide selections, disregard those steps.

  • Begin the DICAS Application. Once identifying ISU DI as your selection, you will see where to upload supplemental materials.

  • Complete additional steps. Upload the necessary materials to DICAS as required by your location: 

Iowa-based location

There are no additional requirements for this location; please move to step 3.

Nationwide location additional requirements

Identifying sites/facilities and preceptors

For the nationwide location, interns must identify appropriate practice sites/facilities and preceptors that will provide opportunities to complete the supervised practice component of the internship. The program has identified learning outcomes, assignments, and readings that the intern completes to ensure that all competencies and requirements are met.

Guidelines for selecting: Students should use the Guidelines for Selecting Appropriate Preceptors and Precepting Sites (PDF) to determine appropriate practice sites and facilities.

Initial contact: sample letter (PDF) may assist you in contacting potential preceptors/sites.

Affiliation Agreement: An Affiliation Agreement (doc) must be signed prior to intern’s placement in the facility. This may be completed after intern is matched to the program, but the facility must be aware of this requirement.

Required forms

Complete the following items in addition to the other application materials. Combine the items into a PDF file not larger than 5 MB, then upload into DICAS Supplemental according to instructions. If you are unable to upload these materials to DICAS you may email to

The following required materials are listed in order of priority:

Nationwide Summary Page
The Nationwide Summary Page (doc) should contain all preceptors and facilities.

Rotation schedule
The rotation schedule needs to be completed with preceptors and practice sites/facilities listed. The schedules and rotations page has examples of the internship schedule and show how the program is divided across the weeks and rotations.

Preceptor Form
Complete one Preceptor Form (doc) for each preceptor; include the form, resume, and copy of CDR card. If you are working with a preceptor/facility who has had ISU interns in the past:

  • Have your preceptor type a short statement to you (email is fine) stating they have completed the forms previously and are willing to precept you should you match to our program. List the specific dates of your rotation with them.

  • Print the preceptor statement and include in your DICAS application in lieu of duplicate Preceptor and Facility Forms.

Facility Form (doc)
Only one Facility Form (doc) is needed per site.

These forms must be submitted with the application because there is not sufficient time between the match/acceptance date and the program start date to adequately identify and select preceptors. The application reviewers must be assured that professionals have been identified and are willing to participate with the intern and this program.

Nationwide with international location additional requirements

Required forms

Students must complete and submit all requirements for the nationwide selection and the additional requirements listed below:

  • International rotation essay. Refer to the Essay Guidelines (PDF).

  • Rotation schedule. The international rotation schedule has a slightly different format as the international community rotation is located in the latter part of the internship. Please submit this version instead of the regular nationwide rotation schedule.

Phone interview

You may be selected for a phone interview. Refer to the Sample Questions (doc).

Iowa-based with international location additional requirements

Complete the following items in addition to the other application materials. If you are unable to upload these materials to DICAS you may email to

Phone interview

You may be selected for a phone interview. Refer to the Sample Questions (doc).

Selection November Match
(January class)
April Match
(June class)
Iowa-based location 509 417
Nationwide location 563 182
Iowa-based location with international rotation 572 136
Nationwide location with international rotation 573 135

Deadline schedule

This program follows the same application deadline dates as the D&D deadline dates; therefore the ISU DI application materials must be submitted online by the same date that D&D requires for final online submission.

Deadline dates are located on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website. You may also access the deadline dates by visiting the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) website.

Our new process will generate automatic replies confirming receipt of your materials; therefore the ISU DI will not reply to any requests for such verification.

In the event you are not selected for entrance in this internship program, application materials will not be returned.