After you are matched

Matched ISU interns will

  1. Apply for admission to the ISU Graduate College. If you are deemed ineligible for enrollment in the ISU Graduate College, you will not be able to complete the ISU internship.
  2. Complete a required criminal background check. A record of abuse or neglect, a felony conviction or other questionable information, will prevent you from completing the internship.
  3. Additional information will be provided in the match day webinar.

Welcome to the ISU Dietetic Internship!

We are excited you have been matched to our internship program. Faculty members at Iowa State University (ISU) and the preceptors at your experience facilities look forward to assisting you in meeting the challenges of this program and preparing you for a career as a registered dietitian nutritionist. The six months of your internship are going to be intense with a variety of activities and experiences on your journey to becoming an entry level registered dietitian nutritionist. Here are the next steps to get you started:

Canvas Welcome Course

After confirmation of your acceptance of the position, you will receive information to access a Welcome Course in Canvas, ISU's Learning Management System.

All the detailed information about starting the internship will be provided.  This is where you will find the list of required materials that must be submitted prior to the start of your rotations, details about planning for the first week's required Professional Skills Workshop, and other preparatory materials.

Intern responsibilities

You are responsible for understanding the details of:

  • Program expectations
  • Program policies and procedures
  • Graduate college application information and deadlines
  • Requirements for successful completion
  • Importance of being fully prepared for the fast-paced internship on your first day.

You are responsible for collecting/completing all required materials prior to the internship start date. 

Special accommodations

Anyone accepted into the program must disclose any physical or mental disabilities that will require accommodation during the internship program at the time of acceptance. These individuals also need to contact the Student Support Services Program for additional assistance.

Inform instructor: Address any special needs or special accommodations with your instructor prior to the beginning of the internship or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain a Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) form from the Student Accessibility Services office (515-294-7220).

Requirements for successful completion

The Iowa State University of Science and Technology (ISU) dietetic internship (DI) is committed to developing intern competence in the areas of

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Assessment/problem solving
  • Effective communication.

Additionally, successful completion of the following requirements for completing the graduate certificate and the DI are outlined below.

Graduate Certificate in Dietetic Internship

Completion of the required graduate level courses with a grade of B or higher results in the achievement of the Graduate Certificate in Dietetic Internship from ISU.  Visit the ISU Graduate College website for graduate certificate requirements for the graduate certificate.

Dietetic Internship Verification Statement

The dietetic intern must demonstrate competence as an entry-level practitioner through satisfactory completion of all scheduled supervised practice rotations, projects and requirements no later than six-months. Some interns may be given additional time to complete supervised practice experiences, pending approval of DI director and preceptors. Thus, program completion time must not exceed 9.1 months total (150% of time designated in the individual Program Completion Plan).

Detailed requirements for successful completion can be found in the DI Handbook.


All coursework is completed online. It is our expectation that all interns will be able to perform every task on this pre-internship needs assessment (PDF). In addition, you will need to have access to a computer, scanner, printer, and the Internet throughout the internship.

You are encouraged to visit the Illinois Online Network website to self-evaluate your readiness for online learning. Another helpful link is “What Makes a Successful Online Student?”