Completing Successfully

ACEND® competency requirements

The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) 2017 competencies (doc) specify what every dietitian should be able to do at the beginning of his or her practice career. The core competency statements build on appropriate knowledge and skills necessary for the entry-level practitioner to perform reliably.

Interns are required to demonstrate mastery of content areas to the internship faculty via predetermined assignments and projects, while preceptors assess and evaluate the intern's day-to-day skill progression.

Verification statement

To receive the Dietetics Internship Verification Statement and Graduate Certificate in Dietetics Internship from ISU, you must successfully complete all requirements of the ISU Dietetics Internship and Graduate Certificate in Dietetics Internship program.

If the criminal and abuse background check reveals questionable information, an intern may be denied direct patient/client access in precepting facilities which will result in unsuccessful completion of the program.

ISU graduate certificate completion requirements

To receive an internship or graduate certificate the student must:

  • Complete the required hours of supervised practice

  • Meet professional practice expectations

  • Demonstrate expert performance and competency throughout program rotations as evaluated by ISU faculty members and facility preceptors

  • Receive at least a B grade in each of the 3 required courses (FS HN 554: Dietetics internship I, FS HN 555: Dietetics internship II, FS HN 556: Dietetics internship III)

Refer to Successful Completion 2016 (PDF) for more details on the program expectations.