Insurance & Regulations

Professional liability insurance

Facilities require interns be covered by professional liability insurance. The ISU DI provides coverage on every intern as well as program faculty in the amounts of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate using an “A” rated company which satisfies the requirements for most facilities.

Intern rules and regulations

You will be required to comply with the rules and regulations of the practice site/facility.  These include:

  • Following the administrative policies, standards, and practices and regulations, including dress code, of the practice site/facility.

  • Obtaining training in CPR, first aid, and blood-borne pathogens (universal precautions).

  • Completing HIPAA training provided by ISU.

  • Providing your own transportation and living arrangements while attending the practice site/facility.

  • Providing your own health and accident insurance and provide documentation of such as requested by the practice site/facility. The ISU DI Program is not liable for illness, injury, or accident while on site during rotations during supervised practice and during travel to/from assigned areas.

  • Providing documentation of any health screening reports, immunizations, criminal background checks, liability insurance coverage, or similar documentation as requested by the practice site/facility.

Intern Handbook

The Intern Handbook (PDF) is used throughout the ISU Dietetics Internship; it delineates intern responsibilities, program requirements, successful completion information including maximum time allowed, and other topics of interest such as:

  • Your instructor
  • Dress code
  • Withdrawal
  • Liability & insurance
  • Evaluation
  • Discipline
  • Student support services

Iowa State University policies

Interns are considered full-time ISU graduate students, thus the policies and procedures as noted in the ISU catalog apply for the following items:

  • Withdrawal and refund of tuition and fees
  • Protection of privacy of information
  • Access to personal files
  • Access to student support services and grievance procedures

ISU DI specific program policies are listed separately.