Other Fees & Expenses

Costs to apply to the program

  • ISU DI Program application fee (non-refundable) - $75 for each location selected
  • DICAS application – see DICAS website
  • Official transcripts for DICAS - variable
  • D&D Digital – see D&D Digital website

Anticipated expenses during the internship

ISU graduate college application

  • ISU Graduate College application - $60
  • Costs related to providing original transcripts to ISU Graduate College and to ISU DI - variable

Health & facility requirements

  • Required background check - base fee $18 subject to change without notice and possible additional charges such as court fees for the search (you will see all charges before confirming)
  • Required medical exam, immunizations - variable
  • Required training for CPR/first aid/bloodborne pathogen training (universal precautions) - variable 
  • Required HIPAA training - provided by the ISU DI at no cost to interns
  • Lab coat - variable
  • Any other expenses incurred to meet facility requirements like drug screening, verification of intern identity, etc - variable
  • Required health insurance - variable
  • Professional liability insurance is provided by the ISU DI at no cost to interns

Computer requirements

The Dietetic Internship uses Canvas for course delivery.  You must have:

  • Access to the internet ‐ High speed internet access required - variable
  • Access to a computer with a browser that works with Canvas and plug‐in's as needed
  • Computer and software information for distance education from College of Human Sciences Distance Education
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - free
  • Audio capabilities: either built into computer or as headphones with microphone - variable
  • Scanner or access to reliable scanner (all of your assignments will be uploaded into Canvas) - variable
  • Access to a laptop for the required Professional Skills Workshop - variable

Supportive materials

You must also have:


It is your responsibility to have the books as listed below.  Most of the books are similar to ones you may have had during your DPD coursework; you may use those.  Cost for all below is variable.


  1. eNCPT (electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology) purchase directly from ncpt.webauthor.com
  2. Food Medication Interactions, 18th Edition, 2015. Publisher: Food Medication Interactions; Author: Pronsky & Crowe; ISBN: 0971089655.

Suggested for MNT Rotation (can also use available online apps)

  1. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pocket Guide to Enteral Nutrition, 2nd Edition, 2013; Author: Charney and Malone
  2. ASPEN Parenteral Nutrition Handbook, 2nd Edition, 2014; Authors: Charney and Malone
  3. A good diet therapy text such as: Krause's Food, Nutrition and Diet Therapy 14th Edition 2016, Publisher: Elsevier; Author: Mahan & Escott-Stump; IBSN: 032334075X (or current medical therapy book from undergraduate course). This text needs to have the complete diabetes exchanges.
  4. Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care, 8th Edition 2015, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Author: Escott-Stump; ISBN: 145119532X
  5. A good medical terminology text such as: Medical Terminology, a Programmed Systems Approach, Author: Dennerll, Davis; Publisher: Cengage
    • OR Free App: Medical Terminology
  6. A good lab reference text such as MOSBY'S DIAGNOSTIC AND LABORATORY TEST REFERENCE, Publisher: Elsevier; Author: Pagana & Pagana
    • OR Free App: University of Maryland Medical Center Medical Reference
  7. A good medication reference book such as MOSBY’S DRUG REFERENCE FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, Author: Mosby
    • OR Free App: Medscape from WebMD

Texts for Management Rotation:

  1. A food service management text such as Food Service Manual for Health Care Institutions, 4th Ed. 2013, Publisher: Jossey-Bass; Author: Puckett; ISBN: 9780470583746 (or current management book from undergraduate course).

Texts for Community Rotation:

  1. A community nutrition text such as COMMUNITY NUTRITION IN ACTION, 6th Edition. Publisher: Cengage; Author: Boyle; ISBN: 978111198968 (or current community book from undergraduate course).

Texts for Reflections and Group Blogs

  1. The Interprofessional Health Care Team: Leadership and Development, 2nd Edition. Author: Weiss, Tilin, Morgan; ISBN: 1284112004.

Other expenses

  • Providing an original DPD Verification Statement to the ISU DI - variable
  • Travel expenses for required Professional Skills Workshop held in Ames, Iowa including, but not limited to, travel to/from Ames, Iowa, apartment or hotel costs while in Ames, Iowa, meals and other expenses - variable
  • Living expenses during the internship (car, housing, food, clothing) - variable
  • Auto insurance (if applicable) - variable

Expenses for international location

For interns who participate in this rotation, additional travel expenses will be incurred.  Detailed estimates for each international location are listed on their respective pages.

Cost for CDR Registration Exam after the program

  • CDR registration exam - $200